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आमंत्रित अतिथिगण और वर का आगमण बारात के साथ

ब्यौह रसम – आमंत्रित अतिथिगण और वर का आगमण बारात के साथ और मंगल गीत ढूंढे अपना उत्तराखंडी लाइफ पार्टनर पर uttarakhand matrimonial…

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A Brief of Marriage Celebration in Uttarakhand Matrimony

Garhwali and Kumaoni people are individuals belonging to Uttarakhand. It is beautiful place looks like a heaven with fresh air and lush greenery. The residents are called Garhwali and Kumaoni, who are simple and down to earth. This simplicity shows in their festivals and celebration especially in their marriage. In Garhwali family, the marriage ceremonies…

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